About SchoolChef

Why choose SchoolChef

All menus are developed by HPCSA registered dietician M du Plessis , MSc Dietetics  (cum laude) with 8 years’ experience in paediatric nutrition.

Our meals are affordable and our kitchens adhere to the strictest food safety and hygiene principles and we use environmentally  friendly  or recyclable packaging as far as able. SchoolChef continuously assesses the packaging utilized and strive to use materials with minimal environmental impact.

We will soon be offering special meals and treats for class birthdays.

We care about your child’s health

  • less added colourants , less sugar, less artificial sweeteners,  less MSG
  • menu’s are low in fried-, processed and salty foods
  • meals are freshly prepared daily
  • meals are balanced, varied and healthy; representing all food groups every day
  • puddings are bite size
  • menus are based on foods that children will eat
  • mainly finger foods are offered for your child’s  convenience
  • Milk based beverages, ice tea and fruit juice in recyclable TetraPak packaging is offered. SchoolChef advocates that parents pack re-usable water bottles to encourage children to drink water too, and to help save our planet from unnecessary plastic bottles


We save you time and money

  • healthy eating and convenience is combined in this unique service, yet the prices are affordable
  • two menu options are available every day
  • additional snacks, drinks or even meals can be added for second break, staying after school or sport days
  • two portions are offered for main meals, regular portion and larger portion
  • meals can be ordered until 07:00 am for same day delivery
  • weekly orders can be placed to save even more time

We are food safety experts

  • every aspect of the food storage, preparation and delivery chain adheres to strict food safety (HACCP) principles
  • each school lunch is individually packaged and sealed with a label containing the child’s school, grade, class, name and surname, as well as the contents of the order
  • snacks are individually portioned and sealed in air-tight cellulose bags

We care about the earth

  • almost all packaging used is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • materials used include food safe paper, carton, bagasse, and cellulose
  • no polysterene is used and plastic is avoided as far as possible
  • TetraPak beverage containers can be recycled, please remove empty containers and discard in local collection points specified for TetraPak recycling

We care about the community

  • SchoolChef is committed to impacting the local community through job creation
  • employment opportunities are created for qualified food service professionals, as well as low skilled workers
  • parents who use SchoolChef not only ensure their own children eat better, live better and grow better; they enable families in the community to do the same