SchoolChef means

More diet variety in school lunches
Kids eat vegetables or legumes daily 
Daily protein and dairy foods
Slow releasing energy during school time
Kids learn new tastes and foods

SchoolChef means

Less sugar
Less MSG and colourants
Less artificial sweeteners
Less processed, high fat and high salt foods

SchoolChef means

More time for parents
No more thinking of what to pack for school lunch
More convenience and peace of mind about your child’s nutritional intake

Eat well. Learn well. Grow well.

SchoolChef is an online ordering, meal production and delivery service of healthy, balanced, school lunches.

Providing healthy lunch boxes is a time consuming, frustrating and often expensive part of the school week for many families.

The time restraints of modern day life and the food environment of today results in children developing food habits which lead to nutritional challenges . These include:

  • inadequate growth
  • childhood obesity
  • impaired concentration and learning ability
  • aggravated symptoms in children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • constipation
  • weakened immune systems with frequent illness
  • and dental cavities

SchoolChef provides healthy school meals that are tasty, nutritious and not boring, at the click of a button. Balanced meals are presented in an attractive manner to help children develop healthy, long term food habits.

SchoolChef will save parents time and money and enable children to eat better, learn better and grow better.

SchoolChef currently operates in Centurion and the east of Pretoria. Please use the contact form if you want this unique service to be introduced at your school.

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How meal orders work

• Two options for main meals are available daily; Menu A and Menu B
• Main meals include a portion of fruit, extra fruit can also be added as a snack.
• Fruits are subject to seasonal availability.
• Any snacks and drinks can be added to orders in any quantity.
• A minimum order amount of R39.99 applies.
• Orders for same day delivery closes at 07:00am. Cancellations close at 22:00pm the night before delivery.
• Up to 5 days of school meals can be ordered at once, i.e. ordering once for a whole week’s meals.